Prejith Philip Varghese (Doctor,BDS)

I started my music journey a couple of years back in Trivandrum under Nidhin Krishnan. I stepped into the world of classical Piano under his careful guidance. Eventually this passion transformed into a whole different level. As per my mentor's advice, I decided to pursue Piano more seriously by preparing for Piano Grade exams conducted annually by Internationally accredited colleges. This enabled me to focus more into the depths of classical music, which ultimately improved my skills and knowledge. I was influenced immensely by the teaching approach of Nidhin, which I didn't find in many teachers in Trivandrum.

I was delighted when I heard Nidhin was starting his own Music school in Trivandrum, and without any hesitation I joined his school right when it started. I was amazed by his dedication and passion towards music and teaching. I could never ask for more from a teacher where he even opened his doors for late night practices for my exams. I was thrilled to see how he elevated the standards of his school into international levels, which cannot be seen anywhere in Trivandrum or even Kerala. The school offered unique facilities for its students, like music library, air conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled class rooms, and Yamaha Pianos for practice.

This was beyond any music school in our capital city. I am happy to see that it is now one of the prestigious exam centers for Trinity College of Music, London. It is the outcome of the vision and enormous hard work Nidhin has put into this venture. I can only see a dazzling future for this school, where you get molded from a regular student to a prodigious musician.

I wish him all the very best for his journey in mentoring and molding the next generation of musicians!

And finally, Thank you for sharpening my music skills and  building my confidence in playing the Piano.